Disaster Preparedness

Fairfax County contacted Lakeport Cluster to request that we develop a Disaster Preparedness Plan for the community so that if a disaster affects the entire County, we will be able to take care of members of our cluster until the County can respond. Although we all like to think a major disaster won’t happen to us, fires, tornadoes, derechos, epic snows, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are a reality; for example, the photo on the left is from a tornado that struck Reston on April 19, 2019. Sadly, we also cannot rule out the risk of man-made events.

In response to this request, Lakeport now has a Disaster Preparedness web site and a Disaster Preparedness Committee, chaired by James Pan. Please go to the web site (https://www.lakeportcluster.org/p/disaster-preparedness-plan.html) and read the two documents that are linked there: a Disaster Preparedness Guide and items to include in Disaster Preparedness Kits. In addition, even if you choose not to prepare full-blown Disaster Kits, we recommend that you do at least the following:

  • store copies of important papers in a safe place out of your house 
  • make sure you have basic emergency items at your home (e.g., fire extinguisher, first-aid supplies, flashlight)
  • consider collecting in one place in your home those items that could be used in case of an emergency or disaster (see the document on disaster preparedness kits for a list)
  • keep basic emergency items in your car, including a paper copy of emergency contact phone numbers (in case you don’t have your charged cell phone with you)
  • have a comfortable pair of shoes and socks at work (in case you ever have to walk a long distance to get home)

The County recommends that communities prepare an inventory of skills and equipment available in case of a disaster. If you have any of the skills or resources indicated below and are willing to share them in the event of a disaster, please email James Pan (jpamco@gmail.com) or the Board (Board@lakeportcluster.org). Because this inventory will be used only in the case of a disaster, it will not be shared or posted on the web (only James and Board members will have copies).

  • Medical training (e.g., M.D. or nursing /physician assistant degree; experience/training with Emergency Response Team, Red Cross, military, public safety, medical care, first aid, counseling)
  • Repair skills (e.g., carpentry, electrical, plumbing, telephone, gas company) 
  • Source of power for charging electronics (e.g., solar or generator)
  • Equipment or supplies that might be helpful during or after a disaster (e.g., chain saw, snow blower, bicycle helmet or hard hat, vehicle with four-wheel drive)

If you have questions or feedback, please email James Pan (jpamco@gmail.com).

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