Snow Update

According to WTOP radio, this is the largest snowfall for the Washington metro area ever recorded, with Dulles Airport reporting 32.4 inches.

Genesis drivers desperately moved the snow to open the roads to give us access to Sunrise Valley Drive. We don't have much space to pile snow, so many people will have lots of digging out to do. They apologize for any cars and driveways blocked in, but please understand that this was the best they could do with 30" of snow.

Genesis hopes to line up tractors and will work through the week to widen the roads and clear blocked areas, but since tractors are in high demand, it may be a few days. Once the plow work is done, Genesis will sand, but we've asked them to sand the Lakespray and entrance hills.

Today's relatively warm and sunny weather helps to melt the snow, but that makes it heavier and harder to move. Nonetheless, it might be a good idea to clear your drives now before they ice over.

Also, a number of people have fallen tree limbs. Genesis will be able to help us clear them once our snow crisis is resolved. If you have specific requests, please contact Michelle at to be added to a list.

Please be patient during this historical time.

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