Snow Update

We're expecting an additional 10-20 inches of snow today.  At this point, Genesis hopes to plow the upcoming snow, but their resources have been crippled.  Lakeport Cluster needs your help to keep the roads cleared!

  • Do not shovel snow into the street!  Uneven surfaces and ice lumps brake plows, and spare parts are nearly impossible to obtain.

  • Build snow piles closer to the house than the road.  Plow trucks are wider than our vehicles, and narrow paths prevent the trucks from getting through.

  • Park in your garages and driveways; avoid Guest Parking.  To help prevent blocked driveways, we've authorized Genesis to move snow to Guest Parking areas.

  • If you know of any contractor that can handle snow service today, please forward their information to

  • We may need to organize a rescue crew tomorrow.  If you're available to help dig the community from the snow, please let us know at

Know that Genesis completely understands our frustration.  They were better prepared for this winter than ever before, but they have had an overwhelming amount of difficulty fighting this snow.  Many of their trucks and equipment are down, and the tractors they hoped to obtain to help dig their properties out have been assigned to State work.

While we're all inconvenienced by mother nature, we need to keep things in perspective.  We have electricity and access to Sunrise Valley Drive.  I've attached some RA snow information.  Note that VDOT tries to "make at least one pass over lower priority routes, including subdivision streets, within 48 hours after the storm stops," and they've been having trouble keeping up.  Please be patient; we will get through this. 

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