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Spring 2019 Issue of Ripples

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Spring 2019 Issue of Ripples

From the Editor

Signs 4 Fun Spsbs 66 Burma Shave, Small Parking SignBy Stephen Sapp 

Image result for burma-shaveSomeone said to me a couple of weeks ago, “Well, I think we can safely say that spring has definitely sprung!” Hearing those words reminded me of the long, long driving trips in our old Chevy station wagon my family took every Christmas when I was a boy from Asheville, NC, to Ft. Myers Beach, FL (two full days of driving in that time before the advent of Interstate highways). One of the things that made the trip more bearable (or in truth less unbearable) were the Burma-Shave signs along the roads (almost all only two lanes in those days), which provided some levity and even sound guidance. One that I especially remember went like this: “Spring has sprung / The grass has riz / Here’s where last year’s / Careless driver is / Burma-Shave.” That reminder (and the warnings in the accompanying pictures) are still excellent advice today! 

Image result for burma-shaveNot that spring has certainly sprung, please enjoy this Spring issue of Ripples, which contains a great deal of news and important information for us Lakeportians (OK, I know that term will never catch on, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway—at the least, I might provoke a pointless controversy over whether it should be pronounced “Lakeportians” or “Lakeporshuns” [think “Martians”]!).

Message from the President of Lakeport Cluster

By Mary M. Sapp

Now that spring has finally arrived, we’re able to enjoy the beauty of Lakeport, Reston, and Northern Virginia that we are less apt to see when it is cold and blustery. I hope you have all had a chance to sit on the benches on the new dock, enjoy the view in spring, and contemplate how fortunate we are to live here. 

An aerial view of a vehicle

Description automatically generatedThe Board is committed to maintaining the attractiveness of our common areas through landscaping and maintenance. Most recently we refurbished and added landscaping on Lakespray Way (if you don’t get up there regularly, you might want to check it out), and we are planning to add new landscaping on Lakeport Way near South Lakes Village (where a hedge was removed last fall due to canker). See the Landscape Committee article for more details. We have scheduled the replacement of two badly deteriorated retaining walls for this month, and the Maintenance Committee will continue to work on smaller repairs (see that article for further information). The lighting project is finally done, and the final piece of the dock project, installing 280 plant “plugs” in the bio-logs installed last fall to help with shoreline restoration, will wrap up later this month. Please help these efforts by emailing to volunteer on Saturday mornings (May 11 and/or May 18). 

The appearance of the community and the value of our property are also strongly influenced by how Lakeport’s homes look, which is the responsibility of each homeowner. Some of you will be receiving letters from our management company shortly letting you know about features of your home that need to be replaced, repaired, and/or repainted. Please try to respond in a timely matter, but if you need an extension, let the Board know. We have found that it is more effective (and less costly) if you work through the Board with requests and questions. 

As indicated in recent emails to the community, we are updating Lakeport Cluster’s standards to make it easier and less expensive to make major repairs. We will be submitting a proposed windows standard to RA this month. Please review the table of colors, and if your windows don’t conform, contact the Board so you are “grandfathered.” In addition, standards related to outdoor lighting, decks, house numbers, and roofing have been updated to reflect changes/additions that have been approved by Reston Association (RA) but not included in the online standards. Furthermore, the Board has started a new web page with tips for maintaining your home and will add to this resource over time (see separate articles on Design Standards Committee and Maintenance Resources for more details). Important reminder: Any time you undertake a major repair, be sure to consult the Lakeport standards (or if there isn’t one relating to your project, the RA standards that can be accessed from the second paragraph of Lakeport’s Cluster Standards page). And be sure to check to see if a DRB application is required.

Let me close by encouraging you to take advantage of our Social Committee’s efforts to foster a greater sense of community in Lakeport. Lakeport kids, grandkids, and their friends enjoyed the annual Easter Egg Hunt (and so did those of us who watched them having fun); we had a nice turnout for our first TGIF of the year (with more planned for those of you who couldn’t make it); and a cluster-wide block party at the dock is being planned for the fall. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your neighbors better and to build friendships with those living near you.

Social Committee

By Diane Zoukis

Spring has sprung here in Lakeport! Trees are leafing, flowers blooming, eyes watering, and lots of sneezing! All signs of spring! 
An email was recently sent out asking for a response on the best date in June to have a Community Block Party, and I received only 12 replies; so I have decided to hold off until September. I’m still looking for volunteers to help with this event so feel free to email me at   

The Easter Egg Hunt held on April 13 was a huge success! Thank you to Mike, Maithai, and Liam Gay and James Pan.

A group of people standing around a table

Description automatically generatedOn April 26, our neighbor MaryAnne Hoadley hosted our spring TGIF!! We were pleased to see many neighbors both new and old, and a good time was had by all!

Please consider having a TGIF at your place. The host provides the venue and the guests are asked to bring wine, beer, and/or an appetizer. What could be easier?! Lakeport TGIFs are just about getting together and providing a great way to meet your neighbors and enjoy a fun social event. Let me know at if you want to talk about hosting a TGIF.

Be sure to get out and enjoy our new dock and benches! There is so much to see on the lake! We have a Bald Eagle that has been visiting the lake often throughout the winter. Soon it will head off to its summer home (wherever that is!). The cormorants have been diving and roosting in the trees. The turtles are swimming and sunning themselves on logs, including the BIG snapper that likes to hang out behind my house. I love watching the Big Guy surface and disappear! He is the reason, however, I'm nervous about dangling my tootsies in the water!!! And of course, our resident geese have been busy nesting around the lake (and announcing the rising of the sun each morning—who needs roosters when we have our geese?!). Soon we will have a new generation of geese on Lake Thoreau!

If you’d like to join the Social Committee, have suggestions of community events you would like to see, or want to help with Lakeport events in any way, me at

Lakeport – A way of life!

Maintenance Resources

By Kay Quam and Kevin Burke

Spring renovation season has clearly begun in Lakeport. It’s hard to miss the signs – contractors’ trucks everywhere, the sounds of sawing and of nailing roof shingles, the scent of new paint and mulch. The tasks may seem endless sometimes. That’s why we, as members of the Lakeport Cluster Board, put together a document that lays out the major components of Lakeport homes–inside and out–with typical time lines for their maintenance. We have posted this planning document and linked it to Lakeport Cluster’s website on the “Residents” webpage for your future reference. This is the first element of what we hope will be a helpful section on home maintenance issues.

The Board and the Maintenance Committee intend to add references to practical maintenance topics that are specific to Lakeport homes. In addition, we will continue to update the list of vendors who have worked on Lakeport homes and have the recommendation of our neighbors. We hope this will be a helpful addition to the Lakeport website and that you’ll let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Maintenance Committee

By Paul Renard

The 2019 Lakeport maintenance season is upon us, and we’re looking for volunteers for two upcoming May work days plus five to ten ongoing Maintenance Committee members. 

Our first spring work day will be on Saturday, May 11, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. (plan to meet at Triangle Park) to clean up common areas, remove English Ivy, clean rock swales, etc. In addition, the following Saturday, May 18, we will meet at the dock to plant several hundred small water plants to stabilize and beautify the shoreline (assuming they are delivered earlier that week, as scheduled). Waders and tools will be provided free, provided by Reston Association! If you can help with either (or better yet, both), please email Paul Renard ( 

We also have a short list of other projects, with some already started, and we will occasionally be working on others as we go through the Spring and Summer. For instance, you may have noticed that the bad pothole at the entrance to Lakeport has been patched and that the railings between 1923 and 1925 Lakeport now look a little better after power washing and spot painting. The mailboxes have also been washed—that’s the Committee at work.  

Volunteer                                                                                                                                                                                 MoreWe need the commitment of an hour or two a couple of times over the next four months, and no building skills are required, just a desire to help make Lakeport look better. Future projects include more roadway crack and pothole repairs (to avoid having to do a major repaving soon), cutting low branches on trees overhanging Lakespray, and repairing rock “caps” on the stacked stone walls around the neighborhood mailboxes.  

This is a great way to beautify Lakeport, have fun with your neighbors, and keep our assessments as low as possible. Please contact Paul Renard at to join us.

Landscape Committee

By Carol Leos

A large purple flower is in a garden

Description automatically generatedLakeport has had a wonderful Spring cleaning, and many have expressed their satisfaction with the cluster's appearance.

The Board has developed a good plan for landscape management that will include more neighbors having input on the landscape maintenance of Lakespray and the four sections of Lakeport. Trudy Stevens will monitor the area from the entrance to Lakespray Way; Don Nagley and I will watch over Lakeport Way from Lakespray Way to the end of Triangle Park (the original section of the cluster); Gil Blankespoor will oversee the south end of Lakeport from Triangle Park to South Lakes Village; and Diane Scott and Alison Yeloushan will be responsible for the Lakespray Way area. Please consider offering your interest/expertise in landscape maintenance of the section of the cluster where you live (love). In particular, we need your help with the Spring Work Day on May 11 (meet in Triangle Park at 9:00 a.m.). Please let the Board know if you can help. 

Projects undertaken or planned this spring include the following:

  • Refurbishing plants on Lakespray: removed a large stump next to the turn-around, refurbished/added plants to the forsythia hedge nearby, and repaired and mulched a large juniper hedge at the top of the hill.
  • Adding new plants on Lakespray: two small juniper trees where the stump was and 11 new skip laurels (planted in December) to help screen South Lakes Drive, and astilbes and ferns at the top of the hill (thanks to owners Dev Bhosale, Allan Ho, Kevin Burke, and Alison Yeloushan for watering the new plants).
  • Evaluating new plants to replace those in the area next to the path near Lakespray where a hedge with canker was removed last year.
  • Working on storm-water mitigation.
  • A lot more tree removal and trimming (waiting on a second proposal)!
  • Removal of dead plants near the dock.
  • Several walk-throughs with Blade Runners, our landscape maintenance company, to evaluate various issues.

May we all enjoy the renewal of Spring!

Anyone who is interested in the care of our landscape is welcome to join the Landscape Committee. Also, if you have suggestions for needed landscape maintenance and/or enhancements, please communicate them to Landscape Committee chair Carol Leos at  

Standards Committee

By Kelly Driscoll

Proposed New Windows Standard

Lakeport will be submitting a new standard for windows that, if approved, will make it easier and less expensive for owners to replace their windows: 

Changes include the following:

  • In most cases, window frames should match the color of the trim: Sailcloth for Hardie siding (new), Amber White, or Wheat. But the standard also includes the following table of other pre-approved manufacturers and manufacturer colors (with recent additions and no deletions). IMPORTANT: If your window frames do not match your trim color or one of the other pre-approved window colors, you should notify the Board so your home can be added to a list of “grandfathered” exceptions. If you don’t have one of the approved colors and are not grandfathered, you will technically be out of compliance and might have to change your window color before you sell your home (note that this also would have been the case earlier, but this new standard provides a way for owners to avoid being out of compliance). 

  • Replacements and additions to windows and doors (other than front doors) require approval by the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB). If you want to propose a new manufacturer or color, and the DRB approves it, the table of approved manufacturers and colors will be updated. 
  • Dimensions for new windows are not as strict as they were earlier: Outer frames can now be within 2” of the original size (instead of the earlier requirement of .5”), and specifications for other dimensions have been removed.
  • Additional windows can be installed, subject to certain requirements and DRB approval.
  • Replacements on a given side must all be the same brand (so there isn’t a mix of manufacturers on the same side).
  • Replacements must be of the same type of window (e.g., casement, fixed).
  • Insert windows and trim capping are allowed (not mentioned earlier).
  • Grids/mullions continue not to be allowed.

Four Updated Standards
Two other standards have been updated on the web to reflect changes that were made by previous boards and approved by the DRB but not included in the earlier online documents:

  • Decks: Gray colors are now allowed on front decks and walkways (with stipulation that front and back colors match), and Trex Transcends was added. Note Trex Accents (still listed) apparently has been discontinued. If you have that color and need to replace a deck board, you may still be able to find it at Lowes. 
  • House numbers: These are required over garages or carports for all homes, except for Phase 1 houses without a carport (where they need to be above the front entrance). Consult the Board before making any changes to your house number because this standard may be updated in the future. 

Two additional online versions have been changed:

  • There used to be two versions of the Outdoor Lighting standard. The old one was removed and only the new one remains.
  • Although no changes have been made to the content, the roofing standard has been reorganized to make the standard clearer.

Always check the Lakeport standards before starting any major repair.
See the Lakeport Cluster website for a list of standards that have been approved by the DRB (plus the new Windows standard being proposed). The second paragraph of this page has a link to Reston Association standards, which should be consulted whenever Lakeport does not have a standard for a particular topic. Read standards carefully to see if a DRB application (available on the cluster standards page) is required.