New Written Complaint Process

Lakeport has a new written complaint process. Virginia passed a new law that requires all Homeowner Associations to provide homeowners/residents a documented complaint process. Please review the attached Resolution H to our Handbook and the Complaint Form. The procedures and requirements for handling complaints and the Complaint Form are also located at the Lakeport Website. On the Lakeport home page ( look at the left side under Lakeport Information and click on “Complaint Process”.

The Board encourages owners and residents to resolve their issues between themselves before initiating formal procedures that involve the Board and its Managing Agent (SCS).  If a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained, complaints shall be made in writing to the Managing Agent and must include a citation to the pertaining provision(s) in the Association's Declaration, Bylaws, or Rules and Regulations along with specific allegations of fact in evidence that the Owner or Resident has violated the particular provision(s). If you have any questions, please contract our Community Manager Cindy Chau at or 703-631-2003.

During the Annual meeting three homeowners Richard Laeser, Joy Myers and David MacWhorter were voted on the Board. We want to thank the four people that volunteered to run for the three Board positions. To keep Lakeport a great community we need a strong group of volunteers. We also want to thank Lani Seeley and Chuck Foster for the two years that they were on the Board. Lani spent many hours researching for a new Property Management Company and helped establish better financial reports. Chuck also spent many hours as Secretary and helped to improve our Standards.

Have a great weekend,

The Lakeport Board

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