Preparation for “Sandy”

As we all prepare for the upcoming storm, here are a couple of items that are important for Lakeport Residents.

Today, Lakeport volunteers have cleared the leaves near the street drains. We don’t want the drains to clog-up with leaves! You can help by keeping any leaves you sweep or rake up out of the street. You can bag those leaves for American Disposal to pick-up or just wait for our landscaper for the first of two leaf pick-up days on November 12th. If you want to clear your walk and/or driveway, place the leaves on the common area lawns before the pick-up. Our landscaper  will pick-up the leaves on your driveway.

The projected rain and wind could cause some damage and/or loss of services. We have tried to properly trim our trees but we could have some damage. Please let us know immediately.  Please make sure everything is tied down or moved inside that could be picked up by the wind. Here are the Lakeport contacts if you need help or see a problem. Please email the board ( or call David MacWhorter at 703-774-7549.

There are many sources to help you prepare for this storm. Here is a good site Currently, American Disposal will pick-up trash Monday but you can check for updates at Fairfax County Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday.

Please be careful if you must go out during the storm. Let’s check on our neighbors that may need help and let us know if you need help or see a problem.

The Lakeport Board

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