Lakeport Activities

Leaf Pick-up – On Monday November 12th, our landscaper, Genesis, will pick-up the leaves at Lakeport. By contract, we have two leaf pick-up’s each year. The second will be in early December. Leaves are picked-up on common areas only. This includes all grass areas, roads, common parking areas and areas that are mulched each year. This means that they don’t pick-up leaves from wooded areas or private homeowner’s areas. Since they use blowers to move the leaves to larger piles for pick-up, make sure you secure any loose items that are near the common area. Please don’t place any leaves in the woods. Please pick-up your leaves and place them in bags. You can then place them out with your trash or you can put your leaves on the street (by the curb without the bags) by Monday morning. They will be picked-up by Genesis.

New Neighbors at the Shopping Center – There are two new businesses moving into the South Lakes Shopping Center. Opening very soon is YogiBerry. This is a self serve frozen yogurt store. You can learn more by going to their website They currently have 11 locations with the closest at the Reston Town Center. They are located at the old Verizon store. Opening in January is Chipotle Mexican Grill. They have over 1,350 stores and you can learn more from their website at They will are located next to the Foot Steps of Reston.

Flood Insurance – Lakeport Cluster is not designated as a flood plain area so we aren’t required to have flood insurance but we live next to a Lake. We all saw the effects of Sandy which has some homeowners asking about flood insurance. One Lakeport homeowner has a policy that costs $450 per year. You can find more information at

Monthly Board Meeting – The Lakeport Board meets every month. The date and location for the most current Board meeting is posted on the Lakeport website at . The November meeting is on the 15th at 8PM at 1909 Lakeport Way. Please RSVP ( if you want to discuss an issue or attend.

Ripples – Lakeport has a newsletter called Ripples. Joy Myers (new homeowner/Board member) has taken responsibility to oversee Ripples. Newsletters can be a very valuable communications tool for a community. Joy is asking for volunteers to form a community club (committee) to work together on the newsletter. This could be a great way to help your community and have some fun.  If you have an interest in helping to create Ripples, please contact Joy at

Hope you all have a great weekend.

The Lakeport Board

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